Engage, Connect, Retain: Winning Strategies for Customer Loyalty

In today’s fast-paced market, capturing and maintaining customer engagement is paramount. At Playerence, we understand the challenges you face in the retail and product-led landscape. Imagine a tool where 80% of participants are captivated until the very end, dedicating over 3 minutes of engagement with your brand. With Playerence, an average of 40% willingly leave their details, especially when incentivised with prizes or loyalty points. Elevate your brand’s connection and turn engagement into actionable insights with us. Let’s redefine customer interaction together.

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Why use Games and Quizes?

Customers Who Use Us

A selection of the awesome brands on our platform:

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Drive traffic and collect leads.

Create a fun and educational activity that engages your visitors, which creates loyalty even in the longer term.

Multiply the exposure time for your brand – from a few seconds to several minutes.

With the help of the quiz questions, your visitors can learn more about your products/services in an entertaining and easy way.

Visitors’ responses create extensive statistics. Do an analysis and see what you can communicate better.

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Customer Stories: Hear From Those Who Have Benefited From Our Product

Peter Magnusson

Marketing Communications, SJ

With the quiz tool, we get an efficient form of competition with simple administration. It gives us the opportunity to smoothly compete for profits from us and our partners. At the same time, we can communicate our messages via the quizzes and conduct simpler surveys.

Niklas Westman

Information Manager, Thorengruppen

We have never had so many unique visitors to our intranet as when we did our last quiz mailing. The response has so far been overwhelmingly good. Then the questions are also based on information about the company, so we combine benefit with fun.

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Brand-aligned quiz design

Our flexible design interface allows us to seamlessly adapt our quiz tools to reflect your brand’s unique identity. Each customer receives a tailored design profile, incorporating the right colours, fonts, logos, and even customised button shapes. This ensures that your quizzes not only look professional but also align perfectly with your brand aesthetics, providing a distinctive and engaging experience for your audience.

Too busy to make your own quizzes?

We have talented content managers with many years of experience in question writing and how to create a quiz that provides maximum engagement. In addition to getting good questions, you also save a lot of time. We always help with the content to the extent you wish.
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Many Great Benefits

Experience the Playerence advantage! A world where game mechanics amplify your reach, viral features spread your message like wildfire, and lead generation becomes second nature. Enjoy unmatched brand visibility and exposure. With a mobile-first approach, we guarantee smooth sailing across all devices. Plus, tailor your campaigns with our suite of custom design options: from diverse question types and ready-to-roll templates to video integration, leaderboards, time-based challenges, multilingual support, and rewarding badges. It’s not just a platform; it’s your digital marketing playground!


Step into the science of engagement with Playerence! Harnessing the prowess of neuro-marketing and gamification expertise, our platform employs game mechanics like points, levels, time constraints, and leaderboards. These intricately designed elements tap into the brain’s reward circuitry, releasing that delightful dopamine rush. The result? Users are irresistibly drawn to, and spending more time with, your brand!

Shareable Buzz

Amplify your reach effortlessly with Playerence! Our quiz tool comes equipped with a savvy share function, incentivising participants to spread the word to their friends. The result? A ripple effect of organic distribution, boosting both traffic and engagement. It’s not just a quiz; it’s a viral sensation waiting to happen!

Lead Generation

Unlock a treasure trove of premium leads with Playerence! When participants actively choose to engage with your brand, you know you’re onto gold-standard interactions. Thanks to our meticulously crafted designs, we achieve stellar engagement rates, with a remarkable 40% of visits often transforming into valuable leads. It’s not just interaction; it’s a gateway to genuine brand connections!

Amplified Brand Engagement Time

Experience brand engagement like never before with Playerence! On average, users are immersed in our captivating campaigns for a whopping 8-10 minutes, reveling in an environment that’s not just interactive but genuinely fun and invigorating. It’s more than just exposure; it’s a memorable rendezvous with your brand!

Mobile First

In today’s digital age, where a staggering 80% of users are glued to their phones, ensuring a top-notch mobile experience is paramount. At Playerence, we’re not just mobile-friendly; we’re mobile-first. Every design and function is meticulously crafted to offer our mobile users the pinnacle of seamless interaction.

Tailored Brand Magic.

Craft quizzes that echo your brand’s unique essence with Playerence! Infuse your distinct graphic identity, from logos to design and imagery, leveraging the tool’s inherent flexibility. The result? A delightful user experience that’s not just memorable but unmistakably YOU.

More Benefits

8 different question types 
Video support
Polling questions 
Language support 
Randomized questions
Ready-made templates
Time-based games 
Playerence Gamification

Boost Your Omnichannel Strategy with Our Essential Marketing Checklist

Optimize your omnichannel marketing efforts with our concise, action-oriented checklist. This essential guide helps you streamline your marketing across all platforms and includes targeted strategies for integrating quiz marketing using Playerence. Enhance customer engagement and drive business growth effectively. Download your free checklist now and take your marketing to the next level with Playerence!

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